Has Cleaning Turned Into a Hobby – Home Cleaning Hobby

Has Cleaning Turned Into a Hobby – Home Cleaning Hobby

For some individuals home cleaning has transformed into a leisure activity. Other than the commitment it clearly is, there are a few cases in which mortgage holders really feel well while doing the errands, undertakings that will appear like very hard and annoying for the greater part of the general population. Figure out how cleaning turns into an interest, why, and whether it is great or terrible to really appreciate doing the housework. Is there much to stress over or is it totally typical – there are numerous perspectives which can be checked and this article will attempt to incorporate all of them.<a href=”http://zoomify.info/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>Cleaning as a Hobby – Points of Views.The two parts of the cleaning leisure activity incorporate the mental perspective, that some will claim to be something individuals are conceived with, and the more basic one that clarifies it with propensities gained at some stage.<a href=”http://www.nu-photo.org/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>¬†When discussing the mental perspective don’t botch the cleaning fixation and it transforming into a diversion. There are numerous past studies that claim that individuals with emotional sicknesses had wish for cleanliness – whether it is for their home, their body or everything contacting them. On the off chance that cleaning has transformed into a side interest, and it has nothing to do with the more genuine case, this is most likely to the condition in which the individual has grown up. It has an inseparable tie to instruction.<a href=”http://www.szmeya.com/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>A man that appreciates to clean his/hers house is most presumably a propensity created after some time – this is on the grounds that each family needs to have a spotless, clean and composed living arrangement. It is totally typical that if a man has spent a fortune on a house or flat, that he/she will need to keep the spot flawless, perfect and very much kept up.<a href=”http://christine-mediumvoyance.com/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>Having Such a Strange Hobby – Good or Bad

– Not numerous will contend, as it absolutely regards have a perfect home. In any case, there are a few cases in which an excessive amount of consideration is paid to points of interest that needn’t bother with it.<a href=”http://gamingserverslist.us/” Target=”_blank”>

</a>– This is the place the cleaning leisure activity turns out to be terrible – clean frequently, clean everything, except just when it is required. It is not terrible to appreciate it but rather do it dependably and with measure.

Finding a superior pastime is the thing that a great many people would prompt.

Taking everything into account, no property holder can maintain a strategic distance from the housekeeping obligations – on the off chance that you need to have a legitimate way of life, there is little reason for not having an efficient habitation.

Barry was enlivened for this article by the cleaners in South Kensington, which meet precisely the inverse sort of individuals ordinary – those that would be happy to pay for having a perfect home and are a long way from the however of cleaning as an interest.


Kids Need Adventure Parents Need to Teach Them How

download (43)According to research conducted by One Poll in May 2010 for UK family plaster brand, Elastoplast, 85% of children age 6-12 are longing for more adventure in their lives. What’s more 85% of their parents think adventure’s an important part of children’s lives. So what’s going on here? Everyone thinks adventure’s a good idea but somehow it’s just not happening.

It’s said that over half of children have never camped out, not even in their back garden, nor laid down to watch the stars in the night sky or have watched the sun rise. Just look at these shocking stats from this poll of 1500 parents and 1103 kids in the UK:

– 50% of kids had never taken part in any adventure sports.

– 41% of kids had never taken part in a scavenger hunt.

– 44% of parents played outside as a child more than their kids do.

– 38% of parents said they’re more protective of kids than their parents were.

– 40% of parents said they don’t have the time or money to do adventurous activities with their kids.

Of course it’s hard to know how generalisable such findings are but in this sample there’s more than a hint of cotton wool parenting. But should we be bothered? Does it really matter if kids don’t adventure?

Well we think yes. The value of outdoor adventures, little or large, cannot be underestimated. And it’s not just about thrills and spills or building a bank of rose tinted memories of childhood. Whether it’s building a tree house, sitting out to watch the stars, camping in the yard, or exploring the local environment on foot or by bike; active adventures bring real health and developmental benefits. When children are helped and allowed to experience risk in a controlled environment it helps develop their ability to deal with it and builds self-confidence. As child psychologist Dr Mandy Bryon from Great Ormond Street Hospital puts it, “It helps children become resilient and gives them independence to think for themselves.” Who doesn’t want that for the children? Active adventure helps develop healthy, resilient, independent kids, it readies them for dealing with the big wide world.

But it’s not just kids that need skills to adventure safely. Perhaps parents too need some too so they have the confidence to lead mini family adventures or to give their kids the skills needed to be safe when they’re out and about on their own.

Of course it’s a parent’s job to worry about their children’s safety, but it’s also their job to help their kids develop the skills and judgement needed to be safe when Mum or Dad’s not around.

Have you ever talked with your kids about dealing with risks or assessing danger? Many parents haven’t yet it’s a simple first step in helping develop your child’s know-how and your confidence that they know what to do in different situations. It’s easy to teach even a young child to memorise simple things like their address and phone numbers and to make sure they know how to get help if they need it. You don’t need to wait for a thunderstorm, an accident or until they get lost in the woods to talk about how to deal with it. And you don’t need to know what to do yourself in every situation; you just need to know how to find out. Talk about the activities your kids want to do, think about what could go wrong, talk about how best to handle that situation and if you don’t know what to do, look it up together or get some advice from someone with experience and learn together. It’s great way to coach your kids and build your and their confidence that they know what to do.

Kids want more adventure. They need it. It’s good for them. Parents need to teach them how to do it safely. And then let them off the leash. Gradually!

All sources refer to research commissioned by One Poll, May 2010 on behalf of Elastoplast UK. 1500 respondents were parents of children aged 6-12, and 1103 respondents were children aged 6-12.


9 Ways to Choose the Best Canyoning Adventure on the Net

download (42)Searching for that absolutely fantastic adventure can be quite a task if it’s something new to you. You’ve been abseiling, spelunking, rock climbing, and bungee jumping. Then you hear about canyoning. You know what canyons are, but never really knew what kind of adventure awaits. Amazingly, it is a series of most extreme land activities set in a more adventurous setting with a twist. Canyoning is the true meaning of wet and wild. Fancy for that pure and pulsating adrenalin rush? Here are 9 ways to choose the best canyoning adventure on the net.

1. Research. Since you are already online, try to find out what canyoning is all about. You may see that it uses other outdoor adventure skills such as abseiling and rock climbing. Whether you have engaged in these activities or not, you may want to check how they are utilised when canyoning. You should also find out how long the adventure take? What are the physical requirements? Or if you need certain outdoor skills to define the level of difficulty you can participate in? These are only some of the important questions you need to keep in mind when looking into canyoning.

2. Professionalism. Canyoning is a very dangerous activity and must be done with experts. It is a huge responsibility when taking people canyoning and companies must be accredited and licensed operators. Check out how long the company has been operating and what their accreditation and licences are on their website. Do they have their own and complete equipment? Fly by night operators mostly run services with a lack of budget. They often rent or go for equipment that is not in accordance with safety standards. To be sure ask for expert advice and recommendations of competent companies. Look for passion. If you are passionate about adventure sports, then the canyoning company must share the same if not more. If a company is passionate about an outdoor activity, you can be sure that all safety standards are observed, that they are updated on training and techniques and that they have and maintain their own canyoning gear.

3. Location. If you are new to this activity, you may want to check out nearby canyoning locations. If you have more than a weekend to spare for your adventure then you can opt for farther more picturesque locations.

4. Price. Canyoning is a demanding sport for participants as well as the provider. First of all, it is not a cheap business to run. Adequate canyoning equipment is expensive, not to mention the up keep and maintenance of both canyoning gear and staff. With this in mind, an adventure comes at a fairly steep price. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find some discounts and added privileges on canyoning packages. Just be wary of ones that are too cheap to be true. Often some factors are compromised in cheap adventures, and mostly it concerns safety. Know the benchmark of how much a canyoning adventure really costs; from there you will know the difference between a bargain from a rip-off.

5. Canyoning consists of different levels that are adapted to a participant’s physical capabilities and skill. A great canyoning adventure will offer all levels of canyoning. This will give you a choice as to what your adventure threshold can accommodate.

6. Advice and recommendations. When descriptions are just not enough to even give you the vivid idea of how wonderful canyoning is, and then all you have to do is to hear it from the experts. Not only will you discover what you have been missing, you will also have access to the best canyoning locations, providers, and techniques.

7. Group Size. How many participants are there in a group adventure? The standard group size is 3 to 5 participants. Groups that have more than 5 participants can lead to long delays on the canyoning adventure. You must remember that in beginner canyoning each participant is guided individually, having more than 5 participants in a group would mean a longer queue in certain parts of the activity such as in abseiling.

8. Canyoning entails different routes that are either completed by bushwalking, climbing, abseiling and scrambling. It is best to get an idea of the route that your canyoning adventure will take. It will give you a chance to prepare some personal items that you may need like insect repellent, spare change of clothes, any regular medication to mention a few.

9. Canyoning is undertaken in some of the most remote gorges and mountain sides. Check if your canyoning adventure will include the transfer of participants to and from the campsite, or will you have to pay for it separately? Does the campsite provide added perks such as the convenience of safe parking, locker and shower areas?

Canyoning is the absolute outdoorsman’s dream adventure. It is a mixture of different extreme activities rolled into one adrenalin pumping activity that will bring you up close and personal to nature’s most spectacular locations. Information is right at your fingertips, just be aware of the things you need to know and you are halfway there to the best canyoning adventure you will ever embark on.

Cameron Bruce is a lover of canyoning. He is also an experienced writer and enjoys sharing information and tips on canyoning with other like-minded people. Cameron Bruce has experienced and tried canyoning all around Australia and recommends anyone interested in canyoning to give it a go!!


Adventure Holiday Specials and Deals

download (41)Are you fond of adventure holidays? There are lots of destinations present in the world which can offer you with some spectacular holiday opportunities. There are seven continents in this world and each one of them has to offer something or the other. So you should never miss out on the adventure that is on offer.

If you are interested in this then you must find out the adventure holiday specials and deals. There are various companies which take up these adventure tours and provide you with lots of facilities.

They not only fix your travel but they also look after your accommodation as well as your site seeing and food. There are so many travel companies present these days that it has become quite difficult to choose the right company for you.

You must be very careful before you finalize your adventure holiday deals. You should look into the matter carefully and make sure you are not incurring any kind of loss. You can contact these companies through their website or even through telephone.

Other than the travel agencies you can also directly contact the hotel owner or even the tourism operator. If you directly contact them then you might be offered with the best rates available. Previously people had to get in contact with the adventure travel suppliers only.

They usually did not have the opportunity to directly contact the hotel owners or the operators. But now things have changed and the owners and operators have come into the forefront. This has been possible especially for the internet.

Today the hotel owners and operators have their own website and the person interested in the adventure holiday specials and deals. You will be happy to learn that there are certain advantages of direct buying from the adventure holiday suppliers.

You will always be in advantage while booking with the local hotel owners because they have a better knowledge of the place and therefore they offer the best possible package. Other than this, you get the best advice on the destination as well as the package. Dealing directly you can easily change the dates or the option.

You can even cancel your tour. When you contact with the local hotel owners they can make proper arrangements for the local activities and can also offer huge discounts on this kind of tours. While choosing your adventure holiday destinations you need to take a look at all the local hotel owners and tourism operator’s website.

These hotels owners always want to make sure that you are completely satisfied. They always make sure that you get the things that you want. Other than this, you also get special privileges as well as special attention from the hotel owners if you book directly with them.

The local scenario is better known by the local hotel owners so they can offer you with proper deals. So always choose your adventure holiday specials and deals carefully so that you can spend the best holiday ever.


Buying The Best Paintballs Tips

Paintballs Paintballs are made by many different producers, each using similar, but not identical, formulas for the shell and paint. These differences create small variations in the size and shape. These small differences can make a huge difference in your shooting accuracy and the reliability of your marker. This is partially caused by the slight differences in the inside diameters of paintball gun barrels. With a less stringent manufacturing requirement than real guns, paintball gun equipment manufacturers may put out products that offer noticeable inside diameter variations in a barrel from one product line to the next and sometimes even in two similar models.

The best way to determine whether a particular brand of paintballs will work in your marker is to perform the following test. Unscrew the barrel from your paintball gun, drop a single paintball in it. If the paintball rolls through without any restriction from the barrel, the ball is probably not a good choice for your barrel because it is too small. It will “bounce” down the barrel during shooting due to the higher pressures and cause inaccurate results. If the ball doesn’t drop all the way through the barrel and you have to push it out, the ball is not a good choice because it is too large.

What’s “just right?” The paintball should fall completely through the barrel with a very small amount of resistance as it goes through. Remember, when shooting, there will be a large burst of air/CO2 behind the paintball, causing a great deal of pressure. A paintball that is not well-sized for your barrel will reduce the effectiveness of your shooting, either through accuracy or reduced range and power.

You also need to consider the quality of the paintballs you are buying. For example, recreational paintballs are much cheaper than those designed for tournament use, but they are much less consistent. This may be due to a cheap paint or lower quality shell. These paintballs are more geared for someone who is practicing or for players who don’t take many precision shots. Tournament-grade paintballs are the most expensive, but will give the most consistent performance in shooting. Some brands also offer a mid-grade, in addition to the recreational- and tournament-grade offerings. No matter what you select, choose the grade that best suits how you play. Most players use recreational paintballs the most, only using tournament-grade paintballs for competitions or precision shooting positions (such as the sniper).

Choosing the wrong type of paintball can create problems with your marker. For example, if you struggle with paintballs breaking before they leave the gun’s barrel, it could be a problem with the gun (too high pressure, hopper or magazine feed issue, etc.), or it could simply be that you’re using a paintball too soft-shelled for the gun you’re using.

Buying paintballs is likely the most expensive part of playing the sport. If you participate in regular practice, you should probably purchase your paintballs from a local source rather than through mail order. This is primarily due to shipping expenses. A box of 1,000 paintballs weighs roughly 7.5 pounds. This means you must add another $10+ to the overall cost of each order (much higher if you don’t use regular ground shipping).

Two of the most popular brands available (and on opposite ends of the quality and predictability spectrum) are Monster Balls and Karnage. Monster Balls are generally available at Walmart and cost about $26 (for 2,000). They are cheap and readily available, but they are disdained by most players because they have an extremely hard shell, which causes bruising and possible injury. For this reason, many commercial fields have banned Monster Balls for anything other than practice use.


Taking Adventure Travel to New Heights!

It is said that it’s difficult to find anyone who is not interested in traveling! Many people also find great pleasure in “Adventure Travel.” Adventure travel is a trip that provides an unusual and exciting experience to the vacationer seeking that never to be forgotten vacation adventure. There are a great many kinds of experiences that fall under this category of travel and we have taken our role in the fascinating world of adventure travels very seriously.

A Little History on Adventure Travel Rentals. A Travel Aggregator is a company that makes a mission out of introducing the American vacationer to all this world has to offer for a fun-filled vacation of heart stopping adventure travel. By building a reputation on not only offering the traveler rentals like RV’s, Snowmobiles and Jet Skies, but showing the adventure traveler the many options on where to go and how to turn their adventure vacation into a memorable one. As a long-time adventure traveler, I once envisioned the opportunity to help people throughout the US plan and execute that vacation by matching up the adventure traveler with a person who has all of the adventure “toys” to complete the vacation. Thousands of people have vacation “toys” just sitting around their house, gathering dust but we have solved that problem by showing Americans how to rent out their idle toys from the comforts of their home and even more importantly making money on an adventure toy that would otherwise sit unused. A traveler planning a trip to Yosemite during the winter may look to rent a rustic mountain cabin as well as a snowmobile to explore the vast trails and natural scenery. We can facilitate this entire process.

It’s a wild wonderful world! Follow your heart and let the adventure begin. Repelling down the mountains of Arches National Park in Utah for some extreme camping, thrill seekers hiking the Bruce Trail in Bruce Peninsula National Park, or white water rafting in the Grand Canyon are all adventure vacations that are heart stopping yet they are also the type of vacations that make you feel young again! Because, after all, aren’t we all trying to stop the march of time? At least that’s what it feels like to be an adventure traveler, time has stood still while you gaze at and experience the very best America has to offer.

America’s 58 national parks are the jewels of the country. Escaping to a safe and peaceful wilderness setting has wide appeal for families seeking a stress-free vacation with a little or allot of adventure. Reserve a spot at one of the thousands of campgrounds in America, and you’ll not only have a memorable time sleeping under the stars but you may come back a few years younger.

Try going off the beaten path to see the untamed vistas of Mount Moran in Wyoming’s Grand Tetons, the fourth highest peak in the Tetons or the deep forests and majestic trees of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Michigan. Surely, a sight never-to-be-forgotten.

RV Travel is not what it used to be. In 2010, the RV turned 100 years old. Three prominent RV historians, renowned RV collector David Woodworth, RV/Motor Home Hall of Fame and Museum archivist Al Hesselbart, and Smithsonian Institution curator Roger White have cited 1910 as the start of the RV industry. Today some 82 million households now own RV’s according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. In 1936, Airstream came out with the Clipper, and America’s adoration of this particular RV brand took shape. In 1952, RV manufacturers started to realize the marketing benefits of a whole home on wheels. RVs and trailers started to get bigger, and bigger… and bigger. RV travel has become the way families come together in an economical and flexible way to see this beautiful country for their family vacations. Whether they travel in a small trailer RV or a luxury RV Motorhome there is no denying it’s one of the best ways to travel and see the countryside.

RV camping opportunities abound with more than 16,000 RV parks, campgrounds and resorts on America’s public and private lands. Some of the most beautiful places in North America can be reached by RV’s and the destinations are well worth the drive! How about, Mt. Desert Narrows Camping Resort, in Bar Harbor, Maine. This RV Camping Resort is known as the only national park in New England. The Leisure Resort on the San Marcos River in Texas offers full hook-up RV sites, a fenced pet park for Fido as well as pet-friendly trails, and a scenic riverfront. The Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina is in Big Pine Key, Florida just some 38 miles from Key West. In the mood for a spa or golf vacation? Try The Great Outdoors RV Nature & Golf Resort Titusville, FL. This park is for the big guys, only 18′ ft and longer are allowed. No pop-ups or tents allowed! Sam’s Family Spa Hot Water Resort was built in 1971 on over 50 acres of selected desert property with underground hot mineral water springs. It is an RV park with all amenities to reserve in America.

RV’s have pumped in a new enthusiasm for this kind of camping. Luxury RV’s like the Bounder Diesel have it all: a spacious floor plan with triple slide-outs, an impressive galley, comfy furnishings, four beds, and lots of storage. Its finishing touches include detailed molding and contemporary light fixtures making the RV feel like a home. Or is “Green” Rving more your thing? Try the first eco-friendly RV, the Ever-Lite by EverGreen, built with all composite, wood-free outside wall construction and all the design characteristics of an eco-friendly home.

Today, people purchase or rent RVs with thoughts and dreams of going on adventures, exploring the country, and building lasting memories with family and friends. Camping in an RV at one of the many nation’s parks, forests and campgrounds is perfect for experiencing nature up close with all the conveniences of home.

Not sure everyone wants to go through the expense of buying an RV? Then why not rent one and find out what some 82 million households have already found out. RV Travel is Adventure Travel at its Finest!

Ronald Silbermann has a combined, extensive work experience in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. He has made a mission out of introducing the American Adventure Traveler to all this country has to offer for a fun-filled vacation of heart-stopping adventure experiences. Rentzio is part of a vision to build a reputation on not only offering the traveler Recreational Vehicle rentals, but showing them the many options on where to go and how to turn their adventure vacation into a memorable one. Rentzio is the premier aggregator for rental agencies and individual owners to rent out RV’s, motorhomes, trailers, motorcycles, ATVs, bikes, watercraft and vacation homes. Rentzio accomplishes this by using the latest in social media and technology to amass the best offers for a fun-filled trip. The company strives to transform the way the industry does business by providing a one-stop-shop platform that brings together the vacationer, these agencies and individual owners. Helping travelers plan, that never-to-be-forgotten vacation is the company’s vision. Rentzio is also proud of its commitment to creating a sustainable environment to do business in and fostering the same behavior in customers and rental partners.


Adventure Marketing What It Can Do for Your Adventure Tour Business

Are you a business owner who happens to run an adventure tour company? Whether your company provides guided hiking tours, fishing tours, boat tours, or rafting tours, do you rely on adventure marketing to help make your business a success? If you do not, you have no what you are missing, which actually could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits, if not more.

Adventure marketing is a term that is often used to describe the marketing of adventure related activities, like adventure tours. Adventure marketing is ideal for just about any type of business, but it is critical to those who run adventure tour companies in popular vacation destinations. That is why it is important that you learn more about adventure marketing, particularly if you are not already taking advantage of it.

Although it is nice to know that adventure marketing is important and can help improve your business profits, you may be wondering exactly why that is. As you likely already know, marketing is when you or a professional markets or advertises your business to the general public, preferably your targeted market. A form of adventure marketing may include buying advertising space on an adventure tours travel website or even choosing to have your business listed in an online directory of fun, adventurous travel tours.

When it comes to examining the importance of using adventure marketing to your advantage, you need to look at what adventure marketing can do for you and your adventure tour business. For instance, if you were to run a rafting tour company, do you think that potential customers would be able to find you and your business all on their own? Yes, maybe if you had a prime business location, but you shouldn’t just rely on your business location. It is advised that you take extra steps to ensure that the public knows that your business is available, as well as what it has to offer.

What is nice about adventure marketing is that you can do your own adventure marketing or you can rely on a professional adventure marketing expert or you can even take both approaches. As previously mentioned, adventure marketing may include something as simple as requesting to have your adventure tour listed on an adventure tour directory website or the buying of advertisement space on a travel website. Additional ways that you can market your business include creating an online website, creating informational brochures to hand out to prospective clients, as well as requesting space in a state sponsored travel guide or brochure.

As a reminder, if you do not advertise the fact that you are running an adventure tour business, there is a good chance that many will not even know that your business exists. That is why it is advised that you take the time to examine adventure marketing, as it may be able to help increase your customer count, as well as your profits.



Adventure Travel – an Exciting Thrill?

Do you want to add a little adventure to your
life? Do you want to be engaged in something you
have never done before? The unique information
here will help you to considering a vacation that
will bring memories and expierences that will
last a lifetime.

Believe it, adventure travel is for every kind of
people. Youngsters who want to get excited by
travelling through Alaska with a dog sled or
other risky activities and elder couple who
define a hot air balloon ride as adventurous.

Thus, if you engage in adventure travel, you will
meet individuals from all walks of life–and
ironically, this is a form of adventure in and of

When considering adventure travel versus regular
travel you will find that adventure travel has
much more to offer than regular travel. During
your adventure travel there is always a tour
operator with much experience and knowledge and
know how to effectively handle the situations
that you are engaging in. Conversely, adventure
travel is frequently jam packed with activities
for you to engage in; especially activities that
match the theme of whatever adventure tour you
have selected. Thus, in terms of guaranteed
activity–guarantee activities during regular
travel is limited to none while adventure travel
aims to fulfill its name: a trip loaded to the
brim with adventure!

First, before you begin making adventure travel
plans, you must consider how much physical
activity you would like to engage in. For
instance, do you want to simply travel the world
and see exotic places which entails a relatively
low physical impact or do you want to hike or
rock climb? An equally important aspect to
learning how to plan for adventure travel is
learning how to comparatively shop around for
great prices on adventure tour plans.Remember
that price does not necessarily equate to quality
and just because you get a discount on an
adventure travel tour doesn’t mean that you will
appreciate the tour operator!

In short, there is a form of adventure travel for
everyone–even you! All you have to do is
determine what the words unique and adventure
means to you. Once you have defined what
adventure means to you, you can plan an adventure
trip that you will remember for the rest of your
life! In fact, you will even have stories to tell
your friends and family!

Webmasters and Ezine Publishers – While all of
these articles are Copyright 2005, please feel
free to take them and use them on your website as
long as you leave them intact. Additionally you
must put the About The Author resource box at the
end of each article with an active link to my



Top 10 World-Wide Adventure Attractions

The world is full of adventure, each and every country, city, town and destination is sure to have some kind of adventure that would best you.

Travel in itself is an adventure as far as I’m concerned. Nothing truly says adventure than exploring, experiencing or discovering something new, quirky and above all getting out of your daily routine or perhaps out of your comfort zone.

There truly are unlimited adventures to be had across the globe but there are some adventures that just should not be missed. The below is a listing of the Top 10 World-wide adventure attractions.

1. The Macau Tower Bungee Jump – Malaysia

This bungee jump is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the Macau Tower. The free fall is a staggering 233 metres (764 ft) making this jump the tallest bungee jump in the world.

Bungee jumping in general is one of those highly extreme and intense adventures, said to feel faster and get the adrenalin pumping more quickly than jumping out of an aeroplane.

2. Trekking Machu Picchu

Peru is magically looking place that is so full of history and culture which can be found right throughout the country and even in their surrounding, neighbouring countries. But it’s main tourism for adventure travel is the Inca Trail.

Trekking Machu Picchu takes around 4 days to complete the path and camping on these grounds are provided. The mountainsides can be quite daunting and is a moderate trek some fitness may be required. Leading up to and reaching Machu Picchu, particularly at sunrise is well worth the walk.

3. Wreck Dive the SS President Coolidge

The SS President Coolidge off the island of Santos in Vanuatu is considered a Mecca for scuba divers. The American troop carrier, which was originally a luxury ocean liner, was sunk by two friendly mines in 1942.

The ship now lies around 20 metres below the water’s surface and the way the ship now lies makes this the most accessible ship for wreck divers, when considering the size of the ship.

4. Safari in Kruger National Park

When it comes to an African safari and viewing the Big 5 or perhaps even the Small 5 game animals there is no better place than Kruger National Park.

Kruger is located in the north-east corner of South Africa on grounds that cover just under 19,000 sq kilometres (over 7,000 mi sq) and holds all of the Big 5 among other predators, prey and even over 500 species of birds.

5. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Africa is also the home to another great world adventure and that is climbing Africa’s highest, free-standing mountain. Mt Kilimanjaro stands at a height of 5,882 metres (19,341 ft) however only around 40% of climbers make it to the summit.

Acclimatization is absolutely necessary for any of the seven climbing routes so it is best to mix this adventure with a nearby safari prior to the climb. These safari’s could be at the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater.

6. Eisriesenwelt Caves

This is world’s largest ice cave which extends about 42 kilometres into the Austrian Alps and although this is the largest iced cave the ice is only present for the first kilometre.

The Eisriesenwelt Caves, which translates to world of the ice giants, can be accessed year round and is done so by almost 200,000 visits per year. The round trip through the cave system takes around an hour and a half and will take you through to a number of significant sites.

7. Ice Diving

This is by far one of the coolest adventures ever to exist… literally. Baffin Island is one of the placesi n the world that you could take up this adventure although tours generally leave from Canada’s island called Nunavut.

You may be able to complete the dive with an Advanced Open Water dive licence however drysuit certification will help make the diving experience a little more comfortable.

8. Diving With Great Whites

Great whites have a fearful reputation for being notorious killers however there are some of us that either don’t believe the hype, want to see this behaviour for themselves or simply just to experience what a shark attack might look like from below the water’s surface.

Diving in a cage and seeing these great whites up close is an amazing experience which you could take up in South Africa, Australia, Mexico and America.

9. Swimming with Whale Sharks

The world’s largest shark is not a predatory hunter of large fish or even sharks. This is the gentle giant known as the whale shark which can grow around 14 metres in length (46 ft). Despite its size this shark only eats plankton.

Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia has a large season where the whale sharks come in close to shore for feeding which provides visitors to the reef the opportunity to snorkel with and among them. At 14 metres long, it is sure to make you feel a little small but will be an awe-inspiring experience.

10. Volcano National Park

On the Big Island of Hawaii is the Volcano National Park which contains two active volcanos; Muana Loa and Kilauea. The park itself covers the volcanos as well as the surrounding areas which are covered in dried lava and ash.

Hiking tours are popular here and this park allows its visitors to actually get quite close to both these volcanos as well as to a section where the hot lava meets the oceans creating intense mist and steam.



5 Tips to Adventure Travel in Small Groups

Are you planning your next vocation and thinking of taking an adventure travel tour instead of traditional beach – resort type of vocation? You are not alone, many people these days prefer active, adventurous style of travel. And the best way to have a safe adventure is to go for adventure travel in a small group.

Small group adventures travel is a fast growing industry and for a good reason. There are many definite advantages to having a guided adventure vocation in a small group:

– you can get more attention from the tour guide
– there is a great variety of small group adventures available even to rare and not tourist popular destinations
– if the group is not large the tour can be better customized to your needs
– often traveling in a small group is cheaper than participating in a conventional tour, because only a few people need accommodation, so it doesn’t have to be a big hotel
– tours are less formal and you have more freedom, yet a safety of having a guide, in case you need help

These tips will help you to get the most from your vocation

1. Decide what kind of adventure you are looking for. Adventure vocation is a broad term – for some it means exploring the wildness of Alaska or the jungles of Amazon, while others want a guided tour to Paris or Sydney. Not all adventures require you to be in a top physical shape. Some tours involve a lot of hiking, but not all – you can still see a lot of interesting and exciting things without accosting yourself. Find out in advance how difficult your tour is going to be.

2. Do you want to explore just one country in depth or would you rather see a lot of different things in different countries? This question might sound silly, but it actually is important. Since most adventure vocation tours are 7-14 days long, you can’t expect to see a lot of places and to spend a long time in each of them. More places and countries doesn’t necessarily mean better vocation, you might just become exhausted and overwhelmed by too many things to see.

3. Are you after a family adventure or you preferring only a company of adult travelers? As adventurous traveling gains its popularity, many companies offer family friendly adventure tours. These are usually light tours with many activities to interest children. So, if you plan to go with kids, search for family adventures. On the other hand, if you don’t want children as members of your group, make sure to ask your travel agent, if families with kids go for this type of tour.

4. Spend several hours researching adventure travel companies and comparing adventure tours they offer – that will save you a lot of money and frustration. If you do your research online, and you should, read what other people who took the tour you like have to say. Most traveling companies put testimonials online. You can also search adventure forums, where people share their real experiences.

5. Adventure travel doesn’t have to be very expensive, especially if we are talking about traveling in small groups. Search around and find a tour that suits your budget. In traveling industry expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best. Compare what activities the tours offer and what kind of accommodation is included. It is possible to find great adventure tours at reasonable prices.



Adventure Travel Inspiration and How to Find It

All travellers know the feeling, “I want to travel, I want to experience new things and I want to do something completely different to what I am doing now.” The corresponding feeling is usually along the lines of, “But what? Where? And how?”

This is actually made harder with the vast selection of trips currently available, especially to adventure travellers. Below are three ways to make inspiration a little easier for those of you reading with travel on your mind.

Travel Reviews

One of the best ways to find adventure travel inspiration is by reading about other peoples’ experiences. This is easily done by looking at travel reviews. These travel reviews provide an insight, not only into the service and value of adventure travel providers, but also the experiences that people have had. Adventurers are drawn to places of interest, especially ones that not many have been. Never underestimate an adventure traveller’s need for that feeling of exploration.

Travel reviews also provide inspiration through density. For example, the crowds may congregate in Kenya for a Safari or in Peru to hike Machu Picchu, both areas would then receive a high number of reviews. With this knowledge, an adventure traveller can easily pick his or her ideal experience, based on how crowded they want their trip to be.

Adventure News

Read adventure news and updates. One of the most useful sources of inspiration comes from adventure travel industry news. Details of current adventure vacation offers, new destinations available and new activities to try will really get your imagination going. It’s also helpful when you’re on a tight budget – discovering new adventures on your doorstep is the latest travel trend.

How do you find the best deals in the market? Just keep a watchful eye on the best adventure news. Finding fresh adventures is one of the fundamental reasons that the adventure travel market continues to grow (even in spite of economic/political challenges). Travellers are always on the lookout for the next destination or activity and one of the most fruitful sources for inspiration is blogs from explorers and adventures on the cutting edge. New routes through jungles, new epic cycle journeys or a new way to use a helicopter to launch your adventure, these blogs have the answers.

Adventure Travel Market Overview

Finally, finding inspiration can be a simple as looking at the adventure travel market as a whole – what can I do and where?

This might be browsing through an atlas and pointing at the topographic point of interest or looking at a list of adventures on a provider’s site. An easier option still is to utilize some of the powerful adventure travel search sites out there. Simply click on an activity or country and see where or what you can do.

So, if you need adventure travel inspiration remember these three points:

1. Read travel reviews
2. Keep an eye on adventure news and
3. Look out for global adventure travel search sites.

Good luck in discovering your next adventure.