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20 Tips for Your Next Adventure Trip

Adventure Travel can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating ways to travel and see the world. It is full of new palces and cultures and allows you to really immerse yourself in the cultures and communities you visit.

Here are 20 tips for planning your next adventure trip:

    1. Use the Internet to get information from travel guides; read travel blogs about the places you want to go; chat with travelers who have recently returned from an adventure trip; consult with local authorities; check what travel documents and visas are necessary and book flights and accommodations.


    1. Plan your route carefully making use of reliable maps. Use terrain maps showing elevation, water crossings, mountains etc. Include in your route where you are going to sleep, plan the distance you want to cover in a day and how long will it take to get from resting point to resting point.


    1. Make sure you have money in the local currency as most adventure trips are off the beaten track where Traveler’s Checks or foreign currency will not be accepted. Take some smaller denominations for tips, baksheesh and the occasional bribe!


    1. Get your papers in order including detailed maps, passports, visas, insurance policy, camping or other permits. Carry with you photocopies of your passport and I.D. Don’t forget to take a list of any medical information (allergies, blood type) in case of emergency.


    1. When choosing your adventure destination consider parts of the world that are endangered and unlikely to be around much longer, like Greenland’s Icebergs or areas with endangered species. See them while they still exist.


    1. Perhaps one of the most important items for survival is water. Plan to take water and to know where to find water sources along your route.


    1. Allow for emergency exits, places where you can ditch the trip if something goes wrong. Plan for at least two potential exit points each day where there is access to transport, means of communication or other contact with the world at large.


    1. Plan the food for your adventure trip, consider how much you can carry, what food will last longest, will you have access to places to buy food along the way and how will you prepare the food. Choose foods by how easy they will be to carry and prepare.


    1. Pack light, although you need to pack for all events – wet and dry weather etc. Keep clothes to a minimum, in most cases you can wash some clothing along the route or live in the same jeans for a week!


    1. The necessary equipment for an adventure trip can be expensive but you can buy second-hand, rent or borrow all kinds of specialty equipment and climate specific clothing.


    1. Always pack emergency items like flares, thermal silver blankets and a first aid kit. Check which emergency drugs might become essential for treating animal and insect bites.


    1. Get fit before you go on your adventure trip, there is nothing worse than not being able to keep up or having to miss out on an activity because you are unfit.


    1. Take a solar charger for your mobile phone. These chargers also work for camera batteries and can be purchased online. If you know there won’t be service for your phone, consider using a satellite phone, they can be a life saver in an emergency.


    1. How long you spend on your trip depends on how long you can get away from the “real” world. Calculate the travel time to and from your destination as this takes a chunk out of your trip.


    1. Go on an adventure trip with someone you get along with and someone of similar fitness level so you are not kept back by others. Consider hooking up with a club or taking a group adventure trip with people who have similar interests.


    1. If it is your first adventure trip then consider going with an organized group with a guide. Independent travelers might also choose to incorporate an organized activity into their adventure trip.


    1. Consider taking fast transportation to get you to the focal points of your trip. Spend time on what is really important and not on getting from point A to point B.


    1. Integrate adventurous activities into your adventure trip. On a trip into the desert be sure to share a night with the Bedouin; in the wilderness include water rafting or in Lapland try ice fishing.


    1. On an adventure trip try to disconnect from electronic gadgets as much as possible but have a phone in case of emergencies. Look into using an iPhone or smartphone applications to help you along the way – maps, GPS etc.


  1. Meet the locals and learn about their traditions and way of live. Try to book a home-stay to really get a feel of the local culture.

Most importantly live life to the fullest, take calculated risks and be adventurous.


How to Pursue a Dream of AdventureHow to Pursue a Dream of Adventure

Are you craving adventure but haven’t been able to take those first steps? If so it is time to get inspired. Having an adventure is about letting life take you where it wants to while fully enjoying the ride. The fact that you never know what you will find or where you will go is what makes an adventure so rewarding – you get to utilize your full arsenal of skills and traits every day.

The pursuit of adventure has led to some of the most epic discoveries in our history. People like Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo traversed vast distances to explore the unknown. To some, adventure is a way of life. So how do you make adventure part of your life?

Start by relaxing and letting go of your fears. What do you dream of doing? Where will your adventure take you? As a child you probably knew these things and the hardest part is getting in touch with those feelings again. Once you have rediscovered your dreams and found your adventure the difficult part is over. You should now be full of excitement and it is time to quickly transition your adventure into reality. Start by taking an active measure towards your adventure. A good way to start is buying a non-refundable ticket to your destination of choice; this way, there is no backing out.

Think about it: it only takes five minutes to buy an airplane ticket, and once you have it taken care of your anticipation and adventure is all that remains. Do not plan too much, just let the date of departure come closer and allow yourself to become inspired. Adventure often involves doing something on a whim and this is the time to let your imagination take over. Figure out what essentials you need to survive like money and clothes. Other than that, it’s only a matter of boarding your flight and beginning your adventure-filled journey.

How do you get a hotel once you land? Just ask for “hotel” and someone will help you. Feel like having a good dinner? Ask around for recommendations and you shall find what you seek. Adventure travel requires you to be assertive and ready to interact. You will discover that no matter where you go, most of the people you meet will be happy to help you. It is inspiring to most people to see someone travel where their heart takes them, and by helping you they become a part of your adventure too. Best of all, if you stay enthusiastic and optimistic during you adventure you will make some lifelong friends.

Finally, once you return to your old life (unless you make adventure your way of life) you will notice that a new sense of confidence has built up inside of you. This is because you have tried your wings, lived your adventure and know that you can survive wherever life takes you. The reward is a more content existence where the opportunity is more important than the risk.

Give your adventure a try, let go and live a little. You will learn that the world is full of people genuinely interested in hearing your story.


An Adventure To Remember Ideas For Adventure Travel

The mere thought of adventure holidays itself is enough to send me into a frenzy of excitement. I love travelling and exploring new places is something that I absolutely love doing. Adventure travel destinations have a rugged charm which beats anything that a fancy five star hotel has to offer. Being amidst nature, in the great outdoors, doing what you love doing, makes life worth living.

So what should one do on an adventure vacation? There are a number of exotic adventure activities that one can embark on, to satisfy one’s appetite for adventure.

This is one of the most basic adventure activities and something that most people have already done. But be sure to be armed with the right hiking boots and safety gear. You don’t want to end up hurt or worse, in pain, throughout your little adventure vacation!

There are various hiking organizations which take people to different adventure travel destinations. The best part is you’ll be entirely safe throughout your vacation under the watchful eye of your instructor, who will guide you through the entire process.

Water Sports

Love the beach? Love Adventure? The best way to combine these two is to go to a beach and indulge in a variety of water sports. Enjoy the sun, sand and a healthy dose of adventure. Enjoy a variety of activities like paragliding, kayaking, jet skiing, rafting, rowing, skinny dipping and a variety of other water sports. There’s nothing like playing with water to indulge your adventurous streak.

Add to that all the conventional water sports like surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, yachting, scuba diving, kite surfing etc and your adventure holidays will be complete and you will have a memorable experience. What is best about water sports is that it can easily be made into a family activity which everyone in your family can enjoy, including the little ones. This is simply because it is so safe. Most beaches and water sports’ companies always have the requisite safety gear.

Rock Climbing:

Love the mountains? Try this adventure sport and experience pure bliss. But this comes with a warning. You are not to perform this activity if you have not had adequate practice; this is one of those adventure sports which come with a warning. If you’re not fit enough or don’t have the best quality safety equipment then this could get ugly and I’m assuming that you would like to get back from your adventure travel destination(s) in one piece!

Try out the adventure specials from different travel agents. You’ll have a whale of a time. But do make sure that you go in for only trusted and reputed travel agents because adventure tourism has a high risk factor, aside from the adrenalin rushes that make it so special.



Adventure Travel Destinations for the Adrenalin Junkie

Love adventure holidays? Well, my friend, if you haven’t already been on one, my advice to you is, pack your bags and get out there as soon as you can! I know I did and I had an amazing time this winter skiing in the Aspen. You may choose to go on your adventure vacation or with your partner or even with your family, there is an exciting range of options, no matter which form of adventure travel you are looking to venture out on!

Family Adventure Travel

It sure is hard to please every member of the family when it comes to going on a vacation, and when it’s an adventure travel destination, then you’re probably indulging in some serious wishful thinking if you believe that you can satisfy every member of your family!

One such exciting adventure vacation, which you can’t go wrong with, is exploring a forest. If you belong to a family with an adventurous streak, then, more often than not, you will find that everyone loves the idea of going on a forest trip. But do be careful about choosing the right forest.

You need to take into account not only the exotic species of flora and fauna in the forest, but also the danger factor. Always choose forests which are less dangerous. Remember, Safety first! Try the New Forest, in southern England and be reminded of Robin Hood while you’re at it! You can try a variety of other places like ski slopes, beaches, deserts, mountains and even unknown, secluded adventure spots. Nothing like exploring a new place with the family!

Luxury Adventure Travel

This form of adventure holiday is for those of you who love all the luxuries of life, along with a healthy dose of adventure. Take the Desert Safari in Dubai for example. This experience combines both adventure and luxury perfectly. Try the evening desert safari which starts in the afternoon and takes you along the desert sands in order to quench your thirst for adventure. This is one of those luxury adventure travel destinations which you just cannot avoid.

Take pictures of the breath taking sunset or decorate yourselves with pretty henna art, sample some of the best cuisine in the world and enjoy unlimited soft drinks and mineral water or even access to the bar. Let’s not forget belly dancing, one of the best known and most exotic dance forms in the world.